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Ceramic Matches Box for Decorative Matches

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  • Handmade Décor: Our cloche with matches is carefully made by masters of their craft with pottery. Our custom match jar will light up any room—be it your bathroom, a farmhouse, your kitchen, or even when camping! They’re also wedding day essentials!
  • Use With Any Match: Our match holder and striker can be used to start any fire using any type of match! Light your candle, fireplace, cigar, cigarette, and more using the matches of your choice—including strike anywhere matches and Diamond matches.
  • Unique Design: Our stone match striker is small and cute, and made by master craftsmen. Each jar is unique with a modern aesthetic—perfect storage to display your decorative matches for candles. Our designs will remind you relaxing on a beach!
  • Durable And Elegant: Made with quality clay and hardened by bisque firing, our decorative ceramic jar is everlasting! Forget match books—our match striker is made with sandpaper paint and lasts forever. Our colored matches tin is the last you need.
  • Easy Storage: Our match holders come with 2 units per pack, and are mini in size at 3 inches by 2.3 inches, only 3 ounces per unit, but can fit any kitchen matches and decorative matches for candles! They fit on any counter, desk, or mantel.